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What to do When Your Wedding Venue is Closed


Planning a wedding can be stressful enough but when a supplier cancels or a wedding venue closes, it can be nothing short of disastrous. Before you panic, below are some ideas you can consider to make sure that all-important ceremony pushes through.

Alternative Wedding Venues

Finding a new venue so close to the wedding date can be hair-raising but if you’re willing to explore other options, there are several unique wedding venues that may work out perfectly for you.

1. An outdoor park

If the weather in your area is generally fair, how about holding your ceremony in your local park? Outdoor wedding venues are fun and relaxed events that offer more opportunities for scenic wedding photoshoots. And because of the pandemic threat, outdoor wedding venues are even more ideal because they offer everyone more space to move around in and plenty of fresh air.

2. A boat

If you live near a lake, river, or the ocean, you may be able to charter a boat easily. Since large gatherings are still not recommended, a wedding and reception inside a boat with several of your loved ones may be a more intimate and fitting way to hold your nuptials.

If you and your partner are avid divers, you can also do an underwater wedding with the reception to be held on the boat.

3. A retreat

Many retreats are set in scenic locations in secluded areas. Not only do you get the perfect backdrop for your wedding shoots, you also get to enjoy your wedding day in a quiet location that’s far from the crowd. And since retreats either have cabins or rooms, it can also double as a place to lodge your guests who come from distant locations.

4. A home

If you have a big enough space at your residence, or if you know someone with a beautiful property who will graciously lend it to you (or charge you a reasonable sum for it), go ahead and hold your ceremony there. The money you save on rental can then be spent on transforming it into a magnificent place fit for a wedding.

Speaking with Vendors

A wedding planner, if you have one, can take care of all the details for you when changing wedding venues. For example, he or she will be the one to reach out to all the vendors (from the caterers and cake designer to the florist shop) to inform them of the change.

Don’t worry! Most are flexible enough to accommodate a location change provided that the location isn’t too drastically far from the previously agreed upon one (and the date of the wedding hasn’t been moved). If anything, they might simply charge you an additional fee to cover transport and other miscellaneous details.

Rest assured, your wedding will be a memorable and love-filled affair wherever you hold it.

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