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Fun Facts About Roses


Due to their lovely perfume and beautiful appearance, roses are one of the most popular flowers. 85% of Americans consider roses their favorite flower. Wild Flowers of Parkland bring you 7 fun facts about roses for you to enjoy:

  • Wild roses tend to have small flowers and a single cover with five petals.
  • Garden roses usually have larger flowers withseveral sets of five petals in two or more layers.
  • There are 100 species of wild flowers, but all cultivated roses were created by crossing 10 original species from Asia.
  • A fossil rose, which was 35 million years old, was found in Florissant, Colorado.
  • At present there are more than 13,000 official varieties of garden roses.
  • The two best days in flower sales are Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Christmas is the third day with the highest sales.
  • Perpetual roses include a group of roses called hybrids.

Now that you know so much about roses, share your knowledge with the rest of your friends and family and gift them with a lovely bouquet from Wild Flowers of Parkland. 

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