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5 Steps in Making Your Own Flower Crowns


Are you interested in gaining an additional skill by simply playing around with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements out of them? Flower crowns are always an all-time favorite accessory for girls to wear on special events such as weddings. It is evident that flowers bring life even to the most remorseful moments of your lifetime. You can always brighten someone’s day by only presenting them with a flower crown. It could be your friend, a sister, or a daughter or even a grandchild. On this blog, we shall provide you with five simple steps to creating a flower crowns for yourself or for the people you love and treasure.

What you need to make a flower crown:

1. Flowers

Wild Flowers of Parkland offers a wide range of fresh and beautiful flowers you won’t find anywhere else. We have all you need to make your flower crowns stand out of the crowd.

2. Floral Wire

3. Floral tape

4. Greenery

5. A wire cutter

The steps to follow are:

1. Get a piece of floral wire and bend it to form a circular shape. Place it on the head to determine the needed length depending on the size of the head of the person it is meant for.

2. Using a floral wire cutter, cut off the excess length of the floral wire and hold the remaining wire in a circular shape. Wind the tape around the floral wire’s entire length until it has attained a firm circular shape. This acts as the base of the flower crown where flowers and greenery are taped onto.

3. The next step is to select greenery and flowers of your choice to use on the flower crown. Ensure you have a combination of large and small flowers. They may also vary in color and shape, but this will mainly depend on your preference and the event you want to use them for.

4. The greenery is then taped onto the crown using the flower tape. You can tape several layers of the greenery on the floral wire to ensure the tape is completely covered.

5. You then tape the flowers to the base. The flower stems should be long enough. A stem length of about 3 inches should be just fine. You can still cut off the excess stems using a pair of scissors until you attain your desired length.

These are five basic steps you should consider when creating a flower crown, but we strongly recommend that apply your creativity and modify it until you get what you desire for your special occasion.

You have to select flowers of your choice depending on the event or the settings in which you want to use the flower crowns. The number of flowers you may require will significantly depend on the size of flower crown you want to create.

Wild Flowers of Parklands offers you the best quality of flowers in the community. In fact, if you'd rather skip the doing part of the flower crown, do not worry. We also create custom flower crowns that will be perfect for you event. 

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