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Healing with Roses


Because of its high energetic vibration, roses are a tool that nature has given us to support this task. Each color of Rose has a specific and defined energy quality. This is how these flowers can help balance and heal different ailments, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that affect the physical, emotional and mental body of humans, to improve their quality of life and the spiritual growth that every human being seeks.

Healing with Roses acts on three different levels:

Physical/ when there is stress, exhaustion, muscle aches, heart or lung diseases, hypertension, insomnia, migraine, gastritis and some chronic or degenerative diseases such as lupus, cancer, HIV, and diabetes.

Emotional/ If you suffer from fear, insecurity, sadness, depression, guilt, jealousy, abandonment, loss of loved ones or some other emotional state that you wish to heal.

Mental/ If you want to change your beliefs about poverty, illness, addictions and maintain a full, healthy and loving life. Increase creativity, abundance, strength, will, joy and supports the treatment of hyperactive children with attention deficit.

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