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The best kept secret so your flowers at home last longer


The key to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time is to feed them and to prevent bacteria from growing. That's why it's important that the vase where you put them is clean. Some bouquets at home come with a small package of food to put in the water, but for the bouquets that do not bring it, there are several ingredients that we have at home that serve the same purpose.

Try the following recipe to make sure your flowers last longer:

  • Add sugar to water
  • Cut your flowers transverse
  • Keep them in warm water for a few minutes

Before making your flower arrangement, submerge them in water with a few ice cubes. This will make them harden and strengthen. Add vinegar or bleacher in small doses. It is important to change the water after a few days but do not forget to throw away the natural preservatives. Another trick to keep flowers fresh longer is to put a powder aspirin in the water. This is a very popular and very effective remedy!

Now, let us know how long your flowers last with these tricks mentioned above!

Roses Ice Cream

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Fruits In The Form of Flowers

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